Editorial Services

Manuscript Editing (Adults and Children’s Books)
Line editing for:

  • Plot/conflict (development and arc) and pacing
  • Characterization (voice, point of view)
  • Overall clarity and focus
  • Dialogue (fiction)
  • Research/organization issues (nonfiction)
  • Style/presentation (grammar/punctuation, etc.)

Queries and Submission Letter Editing

Manuscript Analysis
For manuscripts not ready for line-by-line editing. Complete evaluation of plot, structure, characters, and technique/style with suggestions for strengthening work for publication.

Service Fees

Minimum fee:    $150
Consultation: $70/hour
Writing/Editing: $60/hour
Critique/Analysis: $50/hour
Line editing: $3-4/page
Research: $30/hour
Proofreading: $25/hour or $2-3/page
Rush Charges

$100/hour (work due in five days or less)
$50/hour (week days); $75/hour (weekend)

Word processing:  $20/hour

Fees can be negotiable per individual contract

References upon request

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